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We understand how overwhelming and challenging the publishing world can be. Navigating through countless decisions, daunting deadlines, and intense competition is undoubtedly stressful—we empathize with your concerns. Our prime goal is to facilitate a smooth, enjoyable, and successful publishing experience for you.
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We're not just your traditional publisher.

Here’s how GreyFlames Publishing House will support you in achieving your publishing goals:

Expert Guidance

Our professional team of editors, designers, and marketing specialists will be available to help you throughout the entire process, guiding your project with their invaluable expertise and commitment.

Adapted Solutions

We know that every project and writer is unique. That's why we provide tailored solutions to cater to your specific needs. Together, we'll develop a roadmap that successfully transforms your manuscript into a published masterpiece.

Efficient Timeline Management

Understanding the importance of timely execution, our team will work tirelessly to meet deadlines while still maintaining the highest quality standards. Our streamlined production process ensures that your project receives the focused attention it deserves.

Access to a Comprehensive Network

To maximize your book's impact, we offer a wide network of established connections, including renowned retailers, distributors, and marketing channels. We'll collaborate to create a well-rounded promotional strategy suited to your target audience.

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Why choose us?

Our dedicated team of experts will help you traverse this often complex landscape with confidence. We prioritize direct and clear communication, ensuring that your experience with us is as straightforward as possible. Let us navigate the world of publishing together as we assist you in bringing your creative vision to life.


Weekly Best Seller.

Offering an exceptional selection of diverse and engaging books. Every week, we present you with our top best sellers, handpicked based on reader reviews and sales. Grab one of these best sellers and get ready to dive into an irresistible read.


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Kris Goodrich

I’m an Entrepreneur to the core, fueled by my dyslexia. I see Life and the World around me as puzzles and challenges… and the solution is NOT the answer, it’s the game you play and the team you play it with.

Book by Kris Goodrich


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